Our Work Begins and Ends With You

At Gulati Asset Management, our sole objective is to meet the investment needs of each and every client.

That's why we will commence our relationship with you by getting a complete understanding of your investment objectives as they relate to your specific expectation s and unique circumstances. Then, and only then, can we succeed in our mission to define realistic goals, plan effective strategies and ultimately, manage your investments wisely.

As an alternative to conventional sources of multilevel investment management, you'll benefit from a direct relationship with the firm's managing director. This means you'll have one qualified individual to answer your calls when you need answers to important questions. It also means our staff will recognize you by your name – not just by your account number.

Such firsthand involvement by our most senior personnel ensures continuity – not only in the development of a well-planned investment program, but also in the long-term management of your portfolio.

Ongoing, personalized counsel directly from top management is what truly differentiates Gulati Asset Management from many other investment organizations. In fact, it's the cornerstone upon which we've built our business.

Professionals at Gulati Asset Management work with you to design an integrated plan that gives you complete control over your financial picture. Your Personal Financial Advisor meets with you and you to develop objectives for the near and long term. Your advisor draws on a team of experts in professional services: Income Tax Planning & Compliance, Investment Advisory, Estate & Trust, Accounting & Reporting, Family Office, Philanthropy, and Asset Protection & Insurance. And, if you have a need or preference to continue relationships with your existing advisors, these advisors are welcomed as part of the team to develop a life plan that best meets your wealth needs.

A client may think of their financial situation as a company, with them as the chief executive officer. Gulati Asset Management acts as the chief financial officer. In any given financial situation, Gulati Asset Management will provide all alternatives, and the positives and negatives of each and the proposed solution. As the CEO, the client always makes the final decision.

The professionals at Gulati Asset Management do not portray themselves to be experts in every area. When a question is asked, and an answer can not be given with 100% certainty, there are arrays of experts that may be consulted. Services range from the very basic, such as bill paying or determining whether to buy or lease an automobile, to the very complex. An example of this is evaluating the viability of expatriation or covered call strategies on exercised employee stock options. Each client's goals and objectives are different, resulting in a highly customized approach.


  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • College Planning
  • Insurance Evaluation
  • Retirement Analysis
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Cash Flow
  • Record Keeping
  • Employee Benefit Analysis
  • Debt Management
  • Project Analysis
  • Equity Funding

Your Personal Financial Advisor helps you:

  • Implement wealth accumulation and protection strategies
  • Transfer wealth to family with lower tax liability
  • Adapt to changing market conditions
  • Proactively address complex tax issues
  • Handle day-to-day personal accounting
  • Consolidate your overall financial picture
  • Meet your charitable objectives

In the end, Gulati Asset Management will work diligently to help you gain control of your wealth, so you might save time and be free to focus on those activities most important to you.

Tax Planning & Compliance

Our Income Tax Planning & Compliance Services provide you with the best tax planning strategies. Your Advisor will work along side your Certified Public Accountant to help minimize your tax risk and exposure, as well as help identify ways to reduce your overall tax responsibilities.

Investment Advisory

Our Investment Advisory Services offer unbiased, customized solutions to best fit your financial objectives. Concentrating on asset allocation plans and after-tax, risk-adjusted returns, your personal financial advisor creates, implements, and manages effective investment strategies. Since solutions, rather than product sales, are our focus, you receive expert advice on all the issues surrounding wealth management.

Estate & Trust

Our Estate & Trust Services are intended to ensure that your family and your financial legacy are secure for future generations.

Accounting & Reporting

Our Accounting & Reporting Services lessen your daily financial tasks - such as bill payment and bookkeeping. Your Advisor will work along with you to gather all records and confirmations when tax time arrives. Your client Certified Financial Planner will work with you to set up effective investment and tax strategies, with the goal of maximizing the social and economic benefits associated with these worthy pursuits.

Family Office

Our Family Office Services help you manage the administration that accompanies wealth and spending - from reviewing real estate purchase proposals to sourcing personal in-home services. Your advisor coordinates these services for you.


Our Philanthropy Services assist you in establishing, setting goals for, and administering family foundations, charitable trusts, and grants. Your client Certified Fianncial Planner will work with you to set up effective investment and tax strategies, maximizing the social and economic benefits associated with these worthy pursuits.

Asset Protection & Insurance

Our Asset Protection & Insurance Services help protect you and your family in the event of a financial emergency. Your Personal Financial Advisor investigates appropriate life, disability, personal liability, and major asset insurance plans to find the best solution to meet your needs. As part of this process, your Advisor directs you on the liability protection benefits of restructuring your current asset holdings

A Wealth of Experience to Meet Every Investment Challenge

Our recommendations are always founded on clear, realistic goals which we define, of course, in partnership with our clients. To ensure that we maintain a complete understanding of each client's income requirements, risk limitations and growth expectations, we schedule face-to face quarterly meetings and provide frequent written communications.

An Invitation to Meet Your Standards

Selecting an investment advisor is a major financial decision. It requires careful examination, compatibility of investment style, objectives, and a high degree of trust.

We invite you to meet with us, to evaluate our performance record and to learn how we can help you plan for a more rewarding and secure future. To arrange a meeting, please call us today.

We're as committed to earning your confidence as we are to earning you money.